More details on the Next Nexus – haven’t we had enough?


More details are starting to appear about the forthcoming LG Nexus device. The rumors are getting pretty shocking, now detailed specs are leaked of the LG Nexus or whatever the name.

Most believable to me is the fact that it will run Android 4.2. All other rumors supposed to be true – well, it’s all fine to me, but. First of all, I can’t believe details on the design: a Galaxy Nexus shaped device, with a silver’ ring around the edge like the iPhone 3G has. Not even the LG Optimus G has such a ring, it’s a modest thin line on the side of the device. Then, it seems to have no microSD slot and 8GB / 16GB limited build-in storage. That  sounds like a way to lower the cost and it would make the Nexus a very limited  device.

A non-removable battery is not a big issue. At least, it isn’t to me. I own several Palm devices that still have fine battery life. When I bought my Nexus One, I also ordered a spare-battery. It’s in a cabinet, catching dust. I won’t need it till I change to another device. The only reason you want a removable battery, is to upgrade it with a stronger one.

Earlier I wrote that many of the rumors about the Next Nexus are fed by expectations on the Next Nexus. Don’t we all dream about a (very) powerful stock-Android device, running the latest updates pronto? But manufacturers won’t let ‘their’ Nexus devices be a flagship above their home-branded ones.

Maybe Google should consider building their own devices that would be a magnificent Nexus. Wait, didn’t they buy Motorola for that?

via Modaco