TomTom finally landed on Android


Once upon a time, TomTom was the stand-alone navigation-tool, not only selling TomTom branded devices, but also selling it’s data to other manufacturers. With the rise of smartphones coming with navigation, such as Google Maps with Navigation and the excellent Navigation on Nokia deveices for example, TomTom soon lost it’s leading position. Being available for Palm devices could not save TT, as Palm got caught by the rise of the smartphone too.

The app for iOS already existed for quite some time, and now it has landed on Android. Remarkable, the app isn’t complete: it does not support the newer Android devices, because of their high resolution. Well, in fact, it’s not that remarkable, for TomTom has never been in need for such high resolution. Support for higher resolutions is on it’s way, of course, but no ETA has been given.

TomTom will come with off-line maps, so you will have to get 2,7GB free at least. Other features are: Free Lifetime Maps, Multi-stop Routes, Speed Cameras, HD Traffic, Advanced Lane Guidance and more.

Several versions are released, you really can travel the world around: US & Canada, Europe, Southern Africa, Australia and Turkey are available.

TomTom isn’t very cheap. In Europe, US & Canada and Australia have a €39,99 price-tag, Southern Africa and Turkey will go for €34,99 and the complete map of Europe will cost you €59,99. But you’re not buying an app really, but a very solid and proven product . TomTom has a lot of resource it can rely on, and developing is non-stop continuing. When choosing TomTom, make sure you download the native TomTom app for real, for fake apps have been reported. Make your decision before the introduction-price will expire.

Download TomTom from Google Play store.