What we already knew from rumors, may really come true.


The net is closing over the rumors. Or maybe the rumors are getting very vivid (and jump out of the net)? One of the strongest is: the LG Optimus G Nexus. Older, but never confirmed: multiple Nexus devices, from different manufacturers.

A Korean news-site now has a story that sort of confirms the Optimus Nexus, plus a new Nexus by Samsung and one by Sony. When will that be?!

The Optimus Nexus is to be expected next month already, in North America. It is supposed to have a 4.7 inch screen, similar to the screen the iPhone 5 has. It will have to be a new reference, a waterproof reference. That will take some effort, because the Nexus One never was a real reference, being not pretentious enough, and is the Galaxy Nexus such a reference, being a very fine device though?

But still. By releasing multiple Nexus devices, Google will have the opportunity to set multiple references. By hardware, by software. That’s an important thing in a fluent market, competing with a very popular but conservative iPhone 5 and yet-to-be-released Lumina devices.

Until official affirmation – too bad, but is’t still guessing. Guessing and hoping. Because, man, some nice devices to come.

sources NewsTomato [KR] via Droid-Life