Samsung Sues Apple Over iPhone 5, Numerous Patent Infringements


The game is on, and this time it looks like the players will change sides! Today, Samsung said that it has filled a lawsuit against Apple, claiming that the iPhone 5 infringes several patents possessed by Samsung.

We have little information over what the suing is all about, all we have is an official statement from Samsung:

“…we have little choice but to take the steps necessary to protect our innovations and intellectual property rights.”

Our guess is, they’ve decided to sue AppleĀ  because of the LTE connectivity which is currently offered on the iPhone 5. Namely, Samsung was one of the leading manufacturers who gave birth to the LTE chips and connectivity and it is logical that they hold a huge number of patents over it. But then again, it could be something else. We can’t be sure right now, but we are confident that the future will unveil more and more details in the following days.