ICS and Jelly Bean now on over 25% of Android devices while Gingerbread still rules the roost with 55.8%


Android, the world’s most popular & advanced mobile operating system continues to grow, as of October 1, devices running Android 4.0 ICS or Android 4.1 Jelly Bean represent a little over 25% of Android devices. Surprisingly only a tiny fraction¬† (1.8%) are running Jelly Bean, but that is quite acceptable given that only the Nexus series and few other devices run the latest version of Android, that basically leaves ICS with nearly a quarter of users on the OS. Jelly Bean adoption is expected to surge in the coming months with major manufacturers like Samsung or HTC planning to release Jelly Bean.

However Android 4.0.x ICS appears to show signs of slow down with the user base going from 20.9% to 23.9% but that is bound to change with Sony, Motorola and others completing their ICS rollout across all their compatible handsets.

Android 2.3 Gingerbread is here to stay and it won’t go anywhere in the next couple of years, with 55.8% of users on the OS given that around 50% of Android devices are either low-end budget devices like the Galaxy Y and others which will never see a post Gingerbread update, on the other side we’ve also got some obsolete midrange devices like the LG 2011 series which were never internationally upgraded to ICS. The only way to