Sharp Begins Production of Full HD 1080p 5 inch Screens


In today’s world, big screens with resolutions are the trend, and they tend to grow bigger and bigger. Like the HD screens found on the most of high-end smartphones weren’t enough, Sharp started producing Full HD 5 inch displays, sporting an enormous pixel density of 443 ppi! For comparison, the Galaxy S3 has a pixel density of 308 ppi, and the HTC One X sports a display of 312 ppi, and their displays are crystal clear. You can put that in perspective and imagine what would a Full HD 5 inch display look like.

These new panels will start being produced sometime this month, and will most likely appear on future phablets or smartphones with ultra-thin bezels. We’re not quite sure whether we’ll see a great benefit of these new screens or not, because the already great HD screens are doing their justice quite well, both in the image quality and pixel density department. There comes another trick too – with more pixels on screen comes the need of more processing power. Then again, the new displays may land in the right time, because we have very powerful chipsets right now, and these screens will truly put them to the maximum.

We can’t wait to see the first 5 inch Full HD smartphone to hit the market and land our eyes on that beautiful screen.

Source: Slash gear