Samsung Galaxy Note Was Drop-Tested, Lives on to Tell the Story


Today we watched another video of a smartphone being drop-tested, and we are relieved to speak that it ended up pretty well. We are talking about the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 over here, the new phablet with a huge screen. Big screens are not well-known for surviving crash tests, but this one did it. It ended up only with a few scuffs on the side, and that’s it. They dropped the phone from three heights: pocket-high, chest-high height and from the ear. On the first drop, the phone ended up pretty well, with just a couple of scarfs on the edges. On the second drop, the battery popped out, which was a good thing, because a part from the energy from the drop was released through the battery door. Again, the phone ended up pretty good, with a few more marks on the bezel. And finally, it survived the third and final drop, which was from the ear-height. The battery door popped out, along with the battery and S-Pen. The phablet survived the final drop, with more scratches on the sides. The screen was intact, which is a good thing. This proved that surprisingly, the Galaxy Note 2 is more durable than the Galaxy S3, which ended up pretty bad. Here’s the video for you to take a look: