Acer Cloudmobile released in UK, more of Europe to follow


Acer’s first Ice Cream Sandwich smartphone CloudMobile, leaked for the first time back in February in a press image, followed by another video a few days later in Italy. At that time Acer Cloudmobile had a double stroke of buttons, four captive buttons and three software buttons. It also had the Acer logo on top front.

Now the phone has been released in the UK, you can see the actual design: three software buttons and the Acer logo on the bottom front. The design of the phone’s back is a bit different too: it has a regularly build pattern of dots. The first images showed a back with a curved pattern of dots.

Acer received several awards for the Cloudmobile’s design. It’s stylish in a modest way, simple and consistent. Somewhere it does remind of the ‘old’ Palm devices. The design of the Acer devices has always been different and distinguish.

In other Europe, the Cloudmobile still has to be released, but is already available for pre-order in The Netherlands, at EUR 379 (approx $455).

It’s nice to have a device as the Cloudmobile, in a market that’s overloaded with good-but-not-sparkling devices. Google could very well consult Acer in the conquest for the Next Nexus.