Google Play Store hits 25 billion App downloads


It didn’t take long for Google’s Play Store to hit another milestone. With 675,000 apps and games the Store has attained another goal with a staggering 25,000,000,000 individual app downloads! yes that’s it, 25 Billion! (and counting). That didn’t take long to reach that number, with more and more devices being activated each day & with more downloads everyday all around the globe.

Last year at the 10 billion mark, they hit us with a great week-long sale to celebrate. Now that Google has passed the 25 billion mark, they plan on letting us in on even more awesome discounts over the next five days. Each day they’ll offer a set of $.25 applications for us to download from top/recognized developers but Google isn’t stopping there. There’ll be discounts on movies, music, books, and magazines as well.

That growth in downloads is no doubt tied to a bump in Android device activations, and there’s been no shortage of those either. Once again the Android ecosystem continues to grow in both huge numbers and in downloads globally!

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