Android 4.0.4 software upgrade build 67.21.125 for Motorola ATRIX 2 now available


AT&T and Motorola Mobility finally brings a taste of Ice Cream Sandwich to ATRIX 2 customers. A software upgrade is now available OTA (over the air) once the notification hits your device make sure you’ve got at least %50 battery and a stable WiFi connection then and only then click “Download”. Once downloaded you can go ahead and click “Install now”. After the installation is finished and your device reboots the Atrix 2 should run on firmware build 67.21.125.MB865.ATT.en.US (to check your version tap into Settings > About phone.

If you didn’t receive any notification yet, go to tap into Settings > About phone > System updates > Check for updates.

Important Changes:

Adobe® Flash® Due to Adobe’s discontinuation of Flash development, Flash Player is no longerPre loaded to this device. Existing installations of Flash Player may or maynot play Flash video properly. Alternatively, the new HTML5 standard issupported for Web video.
Social Networking Social Status widget and the Social Networking Apps & Widgets have beenremoved in favor of 3rd party apps and widgets available from Google PlaySome 3rd party social networking apps and widgets may be preloaded withthis upgrade.
Widgets News/RSS Feed, Date & Time, IM Presence, Latitude, Airplane Toggle, Bluetooth Toggle, GPS, Toggle, and Wi-Fi Toggle widgets have been removed. Other preloaded widgets, settings options, and3rd party downloadable widgets are available as alternatives.
Universal Inbox Universal Inbox app has been removed with the Email app allowingconsolidation of messages from various email accounts.

New Features

SMARTACTIONS™ Added SMARTACTIONS™ app that intelligently automates routine, everyday tasks and suggests ways to personalize your phone and make your life easier. This app can help you extend your battery life and do things like automatically send a text to certain missed callers.
Face Unlock Added facial recognition technology for a new way to unlock the user’s phone.
People App Replaced the contacts app with the new People app,which includes larger pictures and rich profile information.
Screenshot Added capability to take screenshots by holding both the power and volume down keys for a few seconds.

New User Interface

Look and Feel Updated colors, font, icons, and animations. Added adjustable text size.
Lockscreen Enhanced lockscreen to include quick access to dialer, text messaging, camera, and homescreen.
Folders Added new homescreen folders that let users group apps and shortcuts by dragging one onto another.
All Apps Screen Updated All