Numerous Samsung handsets vulnerable to remote malicious reset


Yet another exploit targeting Samsung devices, a previous undisclosed vulnerability was detailed at a recent Ekoparty security conference. The operation shows that the Galaxy S3 as well as other Samsund devices being susceptible to the simple reset. The flaw appears to be a an issue with handsets running Samsung’s Touchwiz interface, a specially crafted HTML code employing the factory reset USSD code could effectively be loaded in the affected device triggering a complete wipe of the device including a memory card wipe off & could also kill the SIM card in less than 3 seconds.

Currently affected device include the Galaxy Beam, S Advance, Galaxy Ace and Galaxy S II which are all running TouchWiz UI . This list may grow in the coming days while hackers may effectively use this to damage phones. It should however be noted that such devices running custom roms like Cyanogenmod are unaffected by this recently discovered hack.

Samsung has yet to comment on that but we should see an official response in the coming days and possibly a fix in the next few weeks/months.