Rumors on being a huge 5 inch HTC to be ‘a’ next Nexus


The rumors about what will be the next Nexus smartphone keep coming up, now mentioning a huge 5 inch HTC. Back in May, The Wallstreet Journal wrote about five possibilities. Only the Nexus 7 can be confirmed. All other four exist in rumors only.

Jelly Bean, which was earlier announced as Android 5, turned up to be Android 4.1. It’s only a few month young yet. Will Google use a Next Nexus to introduce Android 5? For what reason? It could eat out existing Jelly Bean devices and stress manufacturers to update.

Maybe Google is accelerating Android to a higher level, despite of the fragmentation. With multiple Nexus devices from different manufacturers, Google is to create a very vivid and therefore flexible Android ecosystem. With the conservative iPhone 5 released, Apple will never be able to such mobility, how large the iOS ecosystem is. If there is a battle going on, it’s all about the ecosystems.

As said before: exciting! This fall could be a next spring for Google.


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