Pocketdroid Weekly Top Apps (September 17 – 23 Staff Picks)


I know many of you loved our “Weekly Top Apps – Staff Picks,” back in 2011, unfortunately in 2012 PocketDroid went through a lot of changes at all levels, reason why we couldn’t deliver our weekly app and game picks, however we’ve got great news for all those asking about our weekly picks.

Starting today September 24 “PocketDroid Weekly Top Apps” is back which means you’ll get to discover interesting, yet useful old and new Android apps carefully chosen by our editors. Enjoy

Florian Mihu 

aDownloader New – A new native bit torrent client designed for Android smartphones and tablets. Do not confuse this app with the first aDownloader app developed by the same Asha Team. This is a new and improved app with a better encryption, nicer UI and more features.

Aleksandar Despotovski

Ultimate Backup – Like the name says, it’s an app for backing up and restoring other apps, including the data and market links. It has everything that Titanium Backup offers, packed in a nice user interface. The paid version has a lower price tag ($2.99 opposed to Titanium Backup’s $6.11),  so that’s definitely a plus.