Game Review: Traffic Panic


No one likes sitting in traffic, waiting to move forwards an inch at a time, never getting anywhere. Never has this been more true in big  cities, and London is no exception.

Ever wished you could just control the traffic lights, who always appear to be on red, yourself? How about blowing up the cars in front of  you to clear the road and get home? Well, Traffic Panic lets you partly accomplish this.

You are in charge of one set of traffic lights. Just one! But you mustn’t let the traffic back up and cause a traffic jam. Your obstacle? The cross-road, which always seems to be the main thoroughfare. Your job is to let enough cars through tapping on the screen when you can to let cars through. For every car you let through, you get points varying on the type of vehicle. If you manage to let vehicles through without them stopping at the lights, you get more points. If you miss time it, you cause a crash and it’s game over.

Tap the Screen to let a car through. Tap again to change the light to red.

Well, almost. If you feel so inclined to let your big green man rage out, tap the screen on the cars and watch them blow up adding to the damage bonus. Hit a building, and they will also interact. Set fire to the Irish Pub, or topple the scaffolding. Blow the tops of Batersey power station, or make the London Eye take a stroll up the road. Bring down Admiral Nelson from his column or do what Guy Fawkes never could and set fire to Big Ben‘s tower.

There are numerous Scenes to select from. The game comes with the standard scene, but for a small price, you can buy Classic, Tourist or Historical. There are also numerous vehicles to unlock, ranging from a familiar yellow 3 wheeler to a rocket car, with the credits you gain for letting vehicles through and passing missions. And yes, you can also buy more bombs, because believe me, those things will go quick when you realise how much fun it is.

After all, who doesn’t like to see a Mini spin through the air and land on a high storey roof?

That ain’t Chitty Chitty Bang Bang!

Traffic Panic is available through the Play Store.