Zenithink N6 Will Pack a Huge 6 Inch Screen, Direct Galaxy Note 2 Competitor


Zenithink is another Chinese manufacturer that’s little known in the smartphone world. But, that’s about to change soon, if they make the thing they promised to make, that is. Our sources speak that Zenithink are reportedly going to release a new, hybrid device called the Zenithink N6. You may think that it’s an ordinary Android device, but there’s more to the actual story. The most exciting part: it will boast an incredibly big screen that measures 6 inches in diagonal! That’s even bigger than the Galaxy Note 2’s 5.5 inch screen, but the device itself should not be much bigger than the Note 2, Zenithink claims.

This screen size will put the N6 just between the mentioned Galaxy Note 2 and Google‘s tablet, the Nexus 7. Our thought is, Zenithink want to make a hybrid device which is supposed to make a breakthrough in the mobile industry, but will it be successful as the original Galaxy Note when it first came out, or will it be a flop, just like the Dell Streak was in its days?