Sony Xperia P Gets a Full-Featured Custom ICS Kernel, All Courtesy of XDA-Developers


When we want to modify our devices and search for mods, we usually pick the XDA-Developers Forum as the forum of choice. Why? Well, because it’s the best place for those kind of things! It’s full of ambitious and talented developers that are putting their best efforts to make their devices better, no matter if it’s high-end or not, popular or not popular. The latest device to get treated with a rather ‘valuable’ custom mod is the Sony Xperia P. It received a full-featured custom ICS kernel, that includes every feature you can ask for, from A to Z, including overclocking , undervolting, custom I/O schedulers, custom CPU governors, and what not! This is all thanks to XDA Senior MemberĀ nickholtus. His kernel is available for everyone for free of charge (we weren’t expecting to pay for a kernel, hehe), and he even shared his kernel sources on his GitHub profile if you feel like modifying it to suit your needs. You can find everything you need in his official kernel thread.

Source: XDA-Developers Forum