Google Nexus 2 smartphone rumors roundup


It’s not the first time rumors about a upgraded Galaxy Nexus come out. SamMobile received an anonymous tip on august 21st. OMG!Droid posted it again on september 17th. There are many wishes about Google‘s Nexus devices. They include spectacular hardware and of course stock Android. But are these phones really that amazing?

Take the Nexus One which many touted it to become the iPhone killer, but it never happened. Months after its release, HTC introduced the Desire S, similar to the Nexus One, but with better hardware specs. The Desire S will get ICS, the Nexus One won’t. Even CyanogenMod dropped the Nexus One for support on the CM9 /CM10 builds.

Then there was the Nexus S, does anyone remember? I’ve never never liked this phone with it’s strange proportions. Only the curved screen could capture me. The Galaxy Nexus then is a beautiful device, you can flash the heck out of it and it won’t be outdated soon. But it’s still a plastic phone, compared to the Nexus One. It isn’t an Android flagship anymore since Samsung has a Nexus of it’s own: the Galaxy SIII.

I hope the rumors to be true that tell us about multiple Nexus devices. How about an Xperia Nexus? Or maybe a Motorola, Google‘s homebrand now. I even heard someone sigh about a Lumina Nexus, if only possible. It’s not all about the stock Android, but also about the design.

In my opinion, Google has to do more with the Nexus brand. If they want to make a statement, the next Nexus wil have to blow everyone away. Manufacturers really will have to consider their post-Nexus devices, in order to stay on the run. That is where Google can lead. There is more to expect then a slightly updated Galaxy Nexus, especially now the rumors of the all new LG OPtimus G to be the next Nexus device. As you can read in this(insert link: ) post, the LG will have some respectable hardware. Imagining that this phone will run stock Android, the power of it can not been underestimated. I still wonder whether the looks will do. After three rounded Nexus devices it will be odd to hold a rectangular one as the LG Optimus G is. We will have to wait to the fall of 2012. Exciting!