Samsung releases Galaxy SIII LTE Jelly Bean Kernel


Samsung has taken another step forward by releasing their Jelly Bean kernel sources for the European 4G variant of their popular Galaxy SIII while fans are certainly awaiting their Jelly Bean which is just days from being available over the air (OTA). This only leads us to speculate that their Jelly Bean update is near its final status or maybe even fully attained its desired quality assurance level. Samsung fans especially those from XDA developers will sure rejoice themselves by having a fresh Kernel Source for developing custom roms, once again that proves Samsung’s commitment to the developer community.

The GT-i9305 is significantly different from its other LTE brothers, featuring the Exynos 4412 SoC at its heart. The same SoC used in the international i9300 version & also features 2GB of RAM

via Samsung Open Source