Samsung Galaxy S4 to be announced at MWC2013 according to Korea Times


The Galaxy SIII is already enjoying a worldwide success at an increasingly giant pace with more than 20 million units being sold in just 100 days, yet that doesn’t stop media outlets from speculating about Samsung’s next flagship device, the Galaxy S4.

While any rumors at this time remain rather shady and unreliable it should be noted that Samsung may already be prepping their next giant smartphone. But what can we possibly expect?

Well, the hot rumor from Korea Times claims that the next Galaxy will supposedly have a 5 Inch display compared to the current 4.8 inch size of the Galaxy SIII and obviously a quad core Exynos processor possibly featuring the Cortex-A15 under the hood. All set to be unveiled during the MWC2013 event in February.

Like always, we’d recommend taking that with a grain of salt, this appears to be too early for a rumor given that the Galaxy SIII is the company’s current focus.

via Korea Times