Moded MIUI 2.9.14 ROM for the Nexus 7


MIUI-US moded MIUI version 2.9.14 fitting the Nexus 7. It isn’t the first MIUI mod for a tablet. In february 2012, the Eden Tab was announced. This tablet, especially made for Japan, should have come with a MIUI rom, but it got a native Android port in the end. With the NEXUS 7 released, MIUI build a rom for it, but it’s all in Chinese. The urge for more build-in languages isn’t that strong. MIUI can rely on giant home market.

In august 2012 a Jelly Bean based MIUI rom was released for the NEXUS 7 by MIUI Android, a community which provides MIUI roms with several translations, including English and Dutch. The MIUI community has a strong worldwide network. In many countries developers are contributing to translations of the Chinese roms and take many efforts to build stable ports.

And now is the release of the MIUI-US port. It isn’t all bug-free, but worth trying. Sure enough it’s good news for MIUI-addicts; when you like the design, which is beautiful, it’s a chance to customize your Nexus 7 your way. Theming is one of the MIUI goods. Flashing as always is on your own risk.