5-inch HTC ONE X press image no more than a concept design drawing, not the real deal


It’s funny how in search for breaking or even exclusive news pretty much all major tech and Android-based blogs today wrote a story about an alleged press image showing a 5-inch HTC One X device. The render is not fake but it’s not real either, it’s just a concept design drawing envisioned by user Dannix on Flickr aka Danny Tu.

Danny shared his concept drawing on Flickr and later on taken by Concept Phones blog. The media immediately bought it as the real deal, however at a closer inspection it’s really obvious that the width of the device looks a little odd (kinda slim and not that well proportioned in its size). See for yourself in the image above!

I’ll probably make a few enemies among tech bloggers with this article, but a long time ago a couple of chief editors criticised some of my posts and now the wheel has turned around. Since that day, I often double-check my news sources before publishing. I know, you’ll probably say it happens even to the best of us.