Which mobile operating system suites me the best Android or iOS?


First of all I would like to introduce myself. My name is Marnix Bassie and this is my first contribution as an author at PocketDroid. This weekend I got togehter with my brother-in-law, a highly educated and skilled engineer. He used to have a HTC Touch Diamond (which he sold to my daughter years ago), an iPhone 4 (which he jail-broke – literally) and now he has a Galaxy Nexus. He despises the phone, complaining about the menu-structure and not being able to update. He’s also terrified by the whole idea of rooting and flashing custom ROMs. Yesterday he confessed to me he covets for an iPhone again because it’s not complicated, its actually easy to use and has no hidden treasures.

I really was amazed. This guy really isn’t stupid, anyhow, he confessed he likes the iOS boundaries. He needs them. He needs them not getting lost in all the device’s possibilities. Is my brother-in-law different? Yes, absolutely. He’s making another choice. And although I don’t understand it, I respect his choice. It’s just what fits him most.

On the contrary, I love my Android powered Nexus One, which I especially chose for the stock-Android and the ability to root and flash over and over. These possibilities scared me –  I was a real Android noob. But in the long run, I learned to get familiar with the whole ecosystem. I rooted my Nexus One and flashed CM7. Later on I flashed the Nightlies and Skanks.

A few weeks ago I started using Blackrose, ran MIUI for half an hour, changed to CyanMobile for two days and flashed back to the CM7 Nightlies again. I’m fiddling with my phone – and I love it.

Well, what fits me most? A device which allows me to tweak it however  I want, just because I like to play with it. Can’t wait to take over my brother in law’s Galaxy Nexus when he is turning back to iOS.