More details leak out about 5 inch HTC 6435LVW unreleased phablet


In early August the first rumors surfaced about an upcoming 5 inch HTC competitor for the GALAXY Note, Vega S5, Optimus VU, Sharp SH530U and others that dont come through my mind right now, that was captured on blurry shots a couple of times and later on spotted within Verizon system.

A HTC event is scheduled for September 19th, next week, where we are expecting the Taiwan-based OEM to unveil what HTCSource claims it uses the codename HTC DIx (Droid Incredible X).  Makes sense if we look at the leaked image above which shows a red stripe along the chassis of the phone, looking similar to what we’ve seen on all of the Droid series.

According to their undisclosed source HTC 6435LVW or DIx will sport a 1.5GHz quad core S4 CPU with 1.5 GB of RAM, 5 inch 1080p HD display (480 ppi) and 16GB of built-in memory. The 5″ hybrid apparently will not sport a microSD card slot, also the battery is non-removable like all handsets part of the ONE lineup announced in February at MWC 2012.

The source also points out that there will be a second LED on the back of the device near the camera, added to notify the owner for missed calls/alerts/battery charging. Would you be interested in buying a 5″ HTC phablet?


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