Daily Android App: Sonar – Friends Nearby


Are you missing your friends?  Do you want constatnly know where they are? The Friends Nearby For Android by Sonar is a nice app which will connect  and share you with your friends or people nearby. This app will alert you about friends nearby and other interesting people that you might know or want to meet.

Sonar – Friends Nearby has Facebook, Linkedin,Twitter and Foursquare as a integrated feature to find out what you have in common with nearby people. You can share what you are doing at anytime with other Sonar app users.

Friends Nearby for Android is a nicely designed app. The Interface overall is good and easy to use, but using location based features in this app will drain lot of battery life, the company which developed the app is currently working onto making this app battery efficient.

Get Sonar app free from Google Play store.