Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 7.0 Review


Back in  September of 2010 at the annual  IFA event held in Berlin, where many manufacturers release information about their latest technology and gadgets,  Samsung released their Galaxy Tab known as the GT-P1000. At the time it was one of Samsung’s first ever  Android powered tablets.

At first there was a lot of controversy as to how the Tab would compete against the Ipad. There was much concern but it took off pretty well. The awesome thing about it was that the tablet could be used to make calls. Most people felt it was too bulky so the electronics giant than released the GALAXY Tab 7 Plus which was much lighter and thinner and instead of running The original run by default Froyo, while Plus version ran Android Honeycomb, a version entirely meant for tablets. During the past 2 years many manufacturers have decided to join the trend and begin designing smaller tablets such as HTC Flyer  and Amazon Kindle etc. This way it opened a new market for tablets not too expensive and yet very slim and sleek in design.


In terms of design its been tweeked a bit with more rounded corners which gives it a more neat and elegant look. The device is infact much lighter and thinner weighing a mere 345 g, which is almost half the weight of the new Ipad.


This year Samsung brought out its latest 7 inch Tab to the party, the GALAXY Tab 2 7.0 which is powered up  by a 1 GHz Dual core processor and 1 GB of RAM which I think is sufficient for a tablet of its nature. Bear in mind processors are evolving all the time but that’s not affected anything on the tab 2.

The Tab 2 sports a 3.2Mp back Camera but unfortunately has no flash LED light. I wouldn’t say its much of a concern but it could help if there was 1 for taking pics in dark environments. On the Front we have a standard VGA camera a few the usual sensors and it has to be mentioned it does indeed come built-in with an ear piece which can be used to make and receive calls. That means you can pick the tab up and put it on the side of your ear. If you don’t feel comfortable doing that you can always hook up a bluetooth headset or even use the headsets that come in the box. Over on the top we have a 3.55 mm audio jack for your headsets or even an AUX cable to plug into. Down in the bottom of the tablet is the 30 pin connector for your charging. On the left side of the device is 2 slots, 1 for your sim card and 1 for a micro SD card. On the right is a Dedicated volume rocker and power button.

The tab 2 does have your built in GPS with A-GPS support and it even has bluetooth 3.0. The back camera will allow for 720p HD recording at 30fps. Supports the 4 a/b/g/n wi-fi standards and the device can even be used as a WI- FI hotspot. Most people usually look into the battery when shopping for a tablet , the tab 2 comes with a 4000 mAh Li-Po rechargeable battery. The display does not consume a lot of battery power like the AMOLED  screen used on the 7.7 tab so that’s a bonus.


I like most the fact that the tab will come standard with Ice Cream Sandwich version 4.0.3 and will include Samsung’s TouchWiz interface. Its like the perfect software for a tablet. Compliments it really well. Because of the software there was no need for physical front buttons to control the device. The tab is completely used with touch except for the power button and volume rocker. It has the usual layout as seen on the other tabs with the mini apps tray, the snapshot option and home screen button. My favourite is the task switcher button where you can infact see what apps are open and running – by just sweeping your finger from left to right or vice versa the apps close. On the initial software on the original 10.1 inch tablet, Samsung did not add in the All share application. All Share, Polaris office are all apps that will come standard on the device. You can even run Samsung’s ChatON IM service on the tablet. Another added application that will also be included is the S Memo application first introduced in The Galaxy Note. The S Memo app is a really hand app to have specifically if you don’t want to carry an extra note pad around, you can easily jot down your ideas.


Well if you’re in the market for a tablet and don’t feel like carrying something very bulky but yet something that will do the job and will suffice with a good enough screen size than the tab 2 is for you.


SD card slot

– Built in Ear piece

– Can be held in 1 hand

– Polaris office pre-installed

– Flash Player 11 Support

– Price $250 (8GB variant)


No Changeable battery

– No Infrared port as seen on the 7.0″ Plus

– Still and LCD display

– 1 Ghz Processor

– FF VGA camera


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