The press invited to LG’s ‘Live without boundaries’ event on September 19 in New York


LG Mobile already announced Optimus G launch event which is taking place in Korea on September 18th. The vendor is also inviting the press in the US to participated to a ‘Live without boundaries,’ event set to take place on September 19 in New York City, a day later.

The invitation shows a smartphone hidden in the shadows and from the look of its shape is non other than the LG Optimus G. Apparently the South Korean manufacturer has planned two launch events, one to present the new flagship device over to its domestic market and the second one in partnership with Qualcomm chipset manufacturer in the US, where most of LG’s money come from.

LG’s flagship handset it is pegged to end HTC One X and Samsung GALAXY S3 domination once it hits the markets worldwide. The smartphone is said to sport a well improved True HD IPS display which is thinner, a quad core CPU Snapdragon S4 Pro by Qualcomm and a 13MP rear-facing camera.