Android Series 3 ‘Nexus’ Android Figure Appears, Has its own Mini-Galaxy Nexus


DYZPLASTIC is known for making cool little Android action figures (if they could be called like that). They are cute little droids that are primarily used for decoration (who likes playing with them? Anyone?). There are many variants available, but there’s never enough of them. In fact, the author has just posted an image of an upcoming Android figure named ‘Nexus’, from the Android Series 3 collection.

You may be wondering why it’s called like that. It’s because it’s a Nexus-themed droid which holds a Galaxy Nexus in its hand. It has a dark translucent body, and you can get optimal enjoyment if you place it near a light source (like a candle for example).

We have no word on release date, nor on the price of this cute little figure. We desperately want it though, and can’t wait to lay our hands on one of these mini droids.

Source: Dyzplastic

Via: DroidLife