Texas Instruments’ CEO: The smart phone and tablets markets are less attractive


Texas Instruments, the company behind the popular TI OMAP platform & also one of the few leading ARM processor manufacturers appears to have lost their primary interest in the mobile sector especially in smartphones and tablets or at least it’s what their CEO said in a press release. It looks like Texas Instruments will be focusing on a new strategy in embedded devices to be used in the automobile industry.

“The size and quality of opportunities in those wireless products have declined as the two main suppliers — Apple and Samsung — have moved toward vertically integrating chips, Templeton said at a Deutsche Bank technology conference in Las Vegas.”

As the CEO said, both Samsung and Apple now design their own chip namely the Samsung Exynos and the Apple A’X’ and this obviously makes an impact on major suppliers like Texas Instruments who are unable to cope with the decrease in chip demands. The company was well-known for introducing the processor that powered the first best-selling Android devices like the long forgotten Samsung Galaxy S and more recently Google’s pride, the Galaxy Nexus. Smartphone manufactures appeared to have lost interest in TI OMAP, favoring Nvidia Tegra or Qualcomm’s Snapdragon SoCs & we might see a lessening bond between Texas Instruments and smartphone manufacturers if things don’t turn out in their favor.

via Dallas News