Samsung Denmark Publishes Android 4.1 Update Schedules List


Samsung Denmark has spilled the beans about the promised Jellybean updates. On their official Facebook page they have already posted a big list of devices that will or will not receive any future updates and we stumbled on some Jellybeans on our way through.

The first device in the list is the Galaxy S3 and it will also be the first one to receive Android 4.1, which will happen in October, and in some regions, in November. Next up, the Galaxy S2. It’s currently running Android 4.0 ICS and its Jellybean update is scheduled on November. That’s all regarding Jellybean, but we found out some other interesting facts. Apparently, all of Samsung’s yesteryear tablets are about to receive ICS (Galaxy Tab 10.1, 8.9/ 8.9 LTE, 7.7), though their release dates may vary.

For a full list of updates for Samsung’s smartphones, please visit the source link below.