Chrome for Android updated, focusing on more stability and security.


The Google Chrome for Android browser is updated to version 18.0.1025308. The new update is focusing on more security and stability strengthening its sandbox technology. The security features are more updated than previous version to make your browsing safer and much more secure on Android.

“This release strengthens Chrome for Android’s sandbox technology, which helps ensure malicious mobile websites are contained and do not impact the entire browser. This is made possible by the innovative multi-process architecture in Chrome for Android, in conjunction with Android’s User ID (UID) isolation technology. This more in-depth sandboxing capability will be automatically used for devices with Android 4.1, Jellybean.”

This update will let you play YouTube videos in full screen mode, videos will continue playing after a screen lock/unlock.  Location preference now integrated to system level, that are managed via the operating system’s Google Apps location settings.

This update will fix a number of  bugs along with related to third-party IMEs such as SwiftKey and more-foreign language keybords etc, so it can work better in Chrome.