500 Million Android Devices Activated Worldwide


The Android ecosystem is the world’s fastest growing and most popular platform and there’s no doubt about it, throughout the years managed to grasp more than 50% of the total smartphone share and yet it hasn’t slowed down.

After nearly five years of maturity Android OS now extends over the whole industry, just recently Google Inc, CEO Eric Schmidt during Motorola event has announced on stage that there are nearly 480 million devices worldwide and today Hugo Barra, head of the Android product management team posted on his Google Plus page that Android has just hit another milestone of over 500,000,000 activations worldwide with 1.3 million devices being activated on a daily basis,thats 20 million more since Motorola Droid RAZR line-up announcement on September 5th.

At this rhythm it’ll take Android no more than one year for the next 500 million Android devices to be activated propelling Android to 1 Billion devices & we’ll definitely see that next year during Q4 at most.

The Google Team quite surprisingly refitted it’s previously melted Jelly Bean statue with a brand new one on their lawn. This new and improved Android 4.1.1 Jelly Bean statue now features a traditional greenish Android head, matching more closely the official Jelly Bean mascot we’ve all come to love.