HTC Likely To Win LTE Patent Battle With Apple Says Judge


HTC owns two patents related to LTE that may force Apple to settle, a win for Android in this brutal patent war raging in the courts around the world.

Apple is claiming that HTC doesn’t have proper ownership over those patents but the judge said he probably won’t side with Apple allegation. This decision would open the door for HTC to demand that any Apple device with LTE, the iPad and probably the soon to be announced iPhone 5, be hit with an import ban to the United States. This would be a huge blow to Apple but what will most likely end up happening is that Apple would have to send a hefty sum of money to HTC.

While this war will probably last for a long time and the consumer is truly the main loser, it’s always nice to see Apple on the losing end of one of these battles. We need to take a serious look at technology patents, and quickly, before the whole industry is crippled by court cases. source: BusinessWeek