Daily Android Game: Jazz Trumps Journey


I’m a big fan of classic jazz. Louis Armstrong, Ella Fitzgerald and crooners like Frank, Dean and Sammy and even modern greats like Micael Bubble and Rennee Olstead and the Blues Brothers. So if you like jazz, or quirky 2D platform games, you’ll like Jazz about as much as I did.

It’s based around a character called trump, a struggling trumpet player in New Orleans during the time of the 30’s and depression. Trump want’s to enter into a music competition to win the heart of the lovely Lady Coquelicot.

The Hero and his object of Affection

To achieve this, he’ll have to put together a band and enter into the club. Your journey will start off in the backyard of Granny where you will learn the basic controls (seen above. Left, Right, Trumpet and Jump). When you enter a club and find your trumpet, you start to hear some music coming from upstairs. Follow it, whilst collecting all the notes and photographs on your way till you eventually find Bono, a trombone player and ask him to join your band. Hey, he’s just playing to himself so sure, he’ll join.

You’re then off to find the rest of your band and ask them to join you. You must watch out for the apparently grumpy 30’s policemen. You can either avoid them entirely, or do what any good platform expects you to do: Jump on their head (well, if they weren’t grumpy before, they will be after you jump on their head). There are other obstacles to contend with such as high falls off buildings (which ,surprisingly, Trump doesn’t take kindly to) and moving platforms. Some can be frozen by using your trumpet, but others won’t freeze. Fortunately, it’s not a guessing game, the freezable ones have a green circle with a note in and the ones that don’t stop have a red circle with a cross through it. Those grumpy Policemen will also freeze by the way.

There is no narrative, all the talking is done in the style of a 30’s film – by text slides – which adds to the sepia character of the game, and doesn’t interrupt the great (if repetitive) musical score. Each level has a domination instrument which is the instrument the band player you’re searching for is playing. At the end, the musical score is heavy with instruments.