Daily Android App: Jukebox for Android


In the real world Jukebox is a machine which plays music when inserting coins into it. In the virtual world Jukebox for Android is a cool and new app that does pretty much the same thing, except it lets you upload your favorite music in the cloud (up to 1000 songs free), you can play music anywhere, anytime, right on your Android device and it is totally free.

The Jukebox app will also allow users to sync their favorite playlists and music queues directly in the cloud, have access to ratings, and top tracks right on their device.

Login to your Cloud account to listen to music or save it offline. And it’s not just your songs. Your playlists, music queues, ratings and top tracks will all be updated constantly to your phone from your computer and vice versa. Your content will be everywhere with you, so you don’t have to worry about it anymore.

The dev team told us there will be social integration such as Facebook, Twitter, etc in the following updates. They also said that on a single account user will be able to use up to 10 devices which is more than enough, considering that the majority don’t use more than 2 Android devices.

The Interface (UI) of the app is very smooth and easy to use, but this app is only available as a preview for you all and of course you can report bugs in this version.

Download Jukebox for Android available free on Google Play store.