Samsung Captivate Glide Steps Into The ICS World


Samsung Captivate Glide can now finally join the rest of the pack. Samsung and AT&T have finally provided the long-awaited ICS update for the Galaxy S2 variant. So, grab your Captivate and wait for the OTA update, right? Wrong! AT&T has confirmed that there will be no way to update your Captivate Glide unless you download the software from Samsung’s site and install it via Kies. That’s some bad news keeping in mind that Samsung’s Kies software has a “good” reputation for messing your device up, but if it’s the only way to do it (and in this case, it is), then go for it. Sure, there are plenty of guys over XDA Developers who will make this process a lot easier, but that also means it will void your warranty. Our suggestion is, better stick with Kies.

It’s uncertain whether this device will receive anymore future updates or not, and Android 4.1 Jellybean may just be an unfulfilled dream, but, all in all, it’s good to see that Samsung is treating their older devices with relatively major updates after all. Keep them coming!