Amazon Kindle Fire HD buyers will be able to opt for a non-ad tablet for an extra $15 payment [Update]


Amazon has just revealed its two new Kindle Fire 2 HD tablets, and they are awesome, except for the fact that they are ad-supported. Amazon said that itself, on their website. The Kindle Fire HD tablets will receive ‘Special offers & sponsored screensavers’ on their lockscreens. Here’s a snapshot from their statement:

It’s ridiculous, right? Fortunately, only US customers will have to deal with it, which means the other countries are safe from these blatant ads.

Update: Amazon confirms that Kindle Fire HD tablet buyers will have the option to opt out of pesky on-screen ads for a $15 payment.

“with Kindle Fire HD there will be a special offers opt-out option for $15.  We know from our Kindle reader line that customers love our special offers and very few people choose to opt out.  We’re happy to offer customers the choice,” said an Amazon spokesperson.