Samsung Galaxy S3 – The Best Selling Smartphone in The US


Apple is well known for providing phones who eventually become the top selling devices in their prime time. First, there was the original iPhone, a breakthrough in the smartphone game, then the iPhone 3G and until recently, the iPhone 4S. Yes, you’ve read it right: until recently. It’s now Samsung’s time to shine, because their flagship, the Galaxy S3 has just overtaken its closest rival and has become the best selling phone in the United States! While Samsung takes the crown, Apple now have even bigger reasons to hate them although Samsung’s been on their black list for quite a few years.

The key for success was the big carrier support. The Galaxy S3 has not only appeared in the top 4 US carriers, but also in some minor ones as well. Even Apple’s press conference scheduled on 12th September doesn’t stop this beast from selling strong. We’ll just have to see if the release of the iPhone 5 will have a big impact of its sales. In the mean time, stay tuned and enjoy the glory of the Samsung Galaxy S3!