Sony Releases Xperia S Binaries, Aims on Supporting JBQ’s Vanilla Android Xperia S Project


It is known that smartphone manufacturers of Android devices don’t usually release their modified source code and that’s a big problem for the ROM developers and cooks, who somehow always find a way through. However, Sony takes a different approach, a big step that may have a big influence not only on the developers themselves, but also on its rivals. They have officially released the binaries for their former flagship, the Xperia S, that will help JBQ finish his project of bringing a fully-functional vanilla Android to the device itself. This is a very important step towards success, because since the release of Jellybean, Google has restricted the developers from extracting binaries from a running device. Here’s a part of the statement Sony have published earlier:

“As many of you already know, Jean-Baptiste Queru, aka JBQ, Technical Lead for the Android™ Open-Source Project (AOSP) at Google, recently started an open source project to build a vanilla Android version for Xperia S (LT26i). From Sony side, we welcome the project and support it with resources and contributions. We always try to promote and support external innovation and the openness that Android brings. We have now published binaries required for the LT26i project to progress.”

With this move, Sony will surely gain a big reputation among the ROM developers and power users as well. We think it’s a big leap towards success and hope that JBQ will successfully finish this project. Best of luck, JBQ!