China Smartphone Supplier Market Share Dominated by Android devices


Love it or hate it, the iPhone is the smartphone of choice in many countries around the world. But it’s certain China isn’t one of them. In fact, according to the latest statistics, Apple is 7th on the list of the companies holding the market share in China, with only 7,5%. For comparison, Samsung is first on the list with market share of 20,8%, then comes Lenovo, with 11%, after that Coolpad, with 10,4%, Huawei with 9,8%, Nokia with 9,1%, and ZTE with 8,4%. The other not so influental companies combined have a market share of 22,9%, in which HTC, Motorola and others belong.

There are several factors that contribute to the low sales of the iPhone in China. Firstly, it doesn’t offer the widely-spread  TD-SCDMA network, while many others smartphones do. Secondly, Apple doesn’t offer a lower-end smartphone, which would have been cheaper and more appealing to customers. Again, other manufacturers offer a wider range of smartphones. And thirdly, there isn’t a dual-sim iPhone. Dual-sim smartphones are highly appreciated in China, and while other manufacturers have dual-sim offerings, Apple is stuck with just one device.

China Smartphone Supplier Market Share

Rank Company Share
1 Samsung 20.8%
2 Lenovo 11.0%
3 Coolpad 10.4%
4 Huawei 9.8%
5 Nokia 9.1%
6 ZTE 8.4%
7 Apple 7.5%
Others 22.9%
Total 100%



Source: Cellular-news