Sony Xperia arc, ray and neo Won’t be Receiving Android ICS From O2


Well, this is sad. After the global roll-out of the ICS update for the Xperia 2011 line-up, it’s safe to assume that the individual carriers would update the devices in a reasonable short time. That’s not the case with the Xperia arc, ray and neo however. The information is coming from O2 itself, saying that the trio won’t be receiving the ICS update on O2, as it was stated on the O2 news page:

Over the past few months we’ve been testing a potential Android 4.0 update for some Sony phones – the Xperia ray, Xperia arc and Xperia neo. Unfortunately the testing didn’t meet our requirements.

When a manufacturer releases a new version of Android for their phones, we will usually test this software to make sure it is right for our customers. Often the software passes our testing and sometimes we spot a few small issues that our testing team quickly work to fix – you can read more about this in our Tester Diaries. We do this testing as we want O2 customers to have the best experience possible when using their phone.

Unfortunately with the Xperia ray, arc and neo our testing found that the software update affected the phone’s speed and performance. These issues were present on three separate versions of the Android 4.0 software we tested and are caused by the software having more advanced hardware requirements than previous versions, as Sony explain on their site – “Android 4.0’s hardware requirements are more advanced than previous software updates, so your phone’s performance may be affected.”

So, the Xperia arc, ray and neo users on O2 will be stuck on Gingerbread for the rest of their lives. Of course, getting custom ROMs is an option, but the manufacturer should pay more attention to software updates.

Source: O2