Large screen devices dominate sales, propelling Android higher except in the U.S


Android continues to extend it’s grasp on the smartphone market, there is no doubt about that but according to a study by Kantan ‘phablets’ or smartphones with a screen of 4.5 inches or higher, dominate the sales, accounting for almost one-third of the shipments.

Android’s market share in central Europe has also gone up by 20.2% last year & that represents almost 70% of Europe’s smartphone sales. The study demonstrates that a large fraction of customers tend to lean towards an Android handset with a large screen like the Galaxy Nexus and so called Phablets like the Galaxy Note. Those devices are primarily used for web browsing & for multimedia purposes especially gaming & camera oriented uses. 

Android enjoys a worldwide glory in all countries, having more than 50% of the total smartphone share but when it comes to the U.S the story is quite different, it lost some market share over the course of this year, probably due to the rise & wide adoption of Apple’s iOS. Nevertheless Android continues to grow at an unprecedented pace mainly some countries like Spain that saw the Android sales percentage soaring up to 90%!