A Mysterious HTC Device Captured on Camera in the Wild


Well, well, what do we have here? You guessed it! We have a couple of blurred photos of a mysterious HTC device, and the interesting thing is that this device matches with the rumored one we heard about almost a month ago.

The device is said to pack a 5 inch or larger FullHD screen. The rumor suggests the actual resolution is 1794 x 1080, but if you assume that some pixels are used for the odd on-screen menu button HTC uses in its smartphones, it’s clearly a  FullHD screen. Processor-wise, it should have a Snapdragon S4 chip. It’s no wonder if it has one of the new quad-core versions.

The back side of the device includes a Beats Audio logo, which suggests it will have the Beats equalizer, just like any other modern HTC smartphone.

Regarding the Android version, we don’t know anything, but it’s natural to think HTC will put the latest Android installment on a new flagship device. About the price, it’s too early to tell, but judging on the rumors, it will probably hit your wallet a bit more than the usual smartphones we get to see.

Source via The Verge