Motorola About to Announce a Phone With Edge-to-Edge Screen


Motorola is up to something again, and this one is rather interesting. Apparently, it looks like Motorola is just about to announce a new Android-powered smartphone whose screen will NOT be surrounded by a bezel. That’s right, on the front side there will only be a screen stretching from edge to edge. The smartphone will be announced on a press conference with Verizon Wireless scheduled on September 5th.

Among the other features, the droid will feature LTE connectivity and, of course, Android OS though the version hasn’t been mentioned.

We were very impressed by this move. Not only it will be the first “full screen” phone available in the US, but it will also maximize the usability and the real estate of the screen, allowing for a bigger display without making the device itself extremely big. Anyways, we would love to hear your thoughts, so don’t mind to visit the revamped comment section below.