Apple targets Samsung Galaxy SIII and Galaxy Note


Yet another turnover in the Samsung v Apple battle as both parties rage to gain a significant advantage on the smartphone industry.

With last week‘s ruling against Samsung & more recently Apple who lost the patent war in Japan and Samsung’s future attempt to sue Apple if the latter implements 4G LTE technology in the next iPhone; but here comes a catch. Apple has amended a suit filed against the Korean tech giant last February to include the two best selling Samsung handsets, the complain now includes the famous Galaxy S III and the first Galaxy Note.

Apple claims that those Samsung devices violate four of its own patents:

That obviously includes the ridiculous ‘Slide To Unlock’ feature. Let’s not forget that Apple lost a similar case against HTC few months ago.

Samsung designed the Galaxy SIII to avoid Apple patent lawsuits, including reworking the TouchWiz UI. Yet, Apple still sues like a patent troll. It seems that it has nothing to do with patents and is personal. Apple wants Samsung out the picture, permanently. The reason behind Apple’s will to eliminate its competitors may be induced the notion is that Apple is a ‘great’ American company that is the mother of all modern computer innovations (delusional), but mostly because Apple stock at the moment is very influential over the state of NASDAQ so A LOT of people including the justice system will lean Apple’s way.

via Android Central