List of Devices First to Get Isis Approval


Isis is a payment service, which is making a debut on Android smartphones, developed by T-Mobile, AT&T and Verizon. They have been developing their app for several months, and it looks like that we will finally see the product of their hard work in very short time. How do we know that? Well, Isis have granted approval to several devices to use their payment service, including the Samsung Galaxy S2 and Galaxy S3. On top of that, T-Mobile announced an update for the Galaxy S2, which will include the Isis app.

T-Mobile is not the only carrier that will bring Isis to its devices, nor the Galaxy S2 is the only one to get it. In fact, AT&T and Verizon Wireless will also update some of their smartphones with the Isis app. Here’s the list of the devices that will get the app in September:


  • DROID Incredible 4G LTE
  • Samsung Galaxy S3


  • Samsung Galaxy S3
  • HTC One X


  • HTC Amaze 4G
  • Samsung Galaxy S3
  • Samsung Galaxy S2

The list isn’t big, but it’s a good start. We are eagerly waiting to see more devices getting the Isis mobile payment app.

Via DroidLife