16GB HTC One X on the way, HTC Desire X specs re-confirmed in Taiwan event


In a HTC event held yesterday in Taiwan, where ePrice retailer attended HTC revelead a few interesting things, like a 16GB HTC One X variant thats ready to hit the market and a reconfirmation if you like for HTC Desire X name and hardware specifications (see image above for both handsets side-by-side).

According to HTC slides at the event, HTC Desire X comes with exactly the same hardware specification we’ve been telling you about for the last 30 days or so, plus 25GB of Dropbox storage when purchased.

Regarding both phones pricing details, HTC Desire X will sell for 10900 Taiwanese dollars (about $365 USD), while the 16GB HTC One X will cost 19500 Taiwan dollars (that’s $650 USD).

via ePrice


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