Daily Android Game: Fruit vs Robot (We are giving away 50 promo gold unlock codes)


Gravity Four’s Fruit vs Robot is a real-time multiplayer game which unlike Draw Something, SongPop this one has the option of making matches against randoms, has mods and selection option for trivia, arcade and board games competing head-to-head against rival team.

The game allows random matches or players can challenge their friends through Facebook. Fans can create their own unique avatars with hundreds of unlockable options. Team progress is tracked on a live in-game score leaderboard.

“Browsing the net, I found that many online discussions turned into an argument about Android vs iPhone. We wanted to create an arena where fans can battle it out,” says Loki Davison, co-founder of Gravity Four.

Earn coins by winning against your opponent with which you can unlock more games and more avatar items that you can use to create your own unique avatar from hundreds of unlockable options including pets, t-shirts, hats and many more.

Online multi-player games include:

  • Trivia (Music, Geography, Pop culture and more!)
  • Arcade games (Balloon Pop and Knockers)
  • Board games (Four In a Row, Gomoku, Reversi, Checkers)

Fruit vs Robot is available free on Google Play store.

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