Overclocked Nexus 7 Tops Benchmarks, 2000MHz is The Frequency to go


The Nexus 7 doesn’t have the most powerful Tegra 3 chipset, but that doesn’t stop hackers from unleashing its full power. Its default frequency is 1,3GHz, which is not the highest the chipset can go. In order to boost things up (and crack some benchmarks), XDA Senior Member clemsyn has managed to achieve the frequency of 2GHz on his kernel!

There are numerous kernels available for the Nexus tablet, but none of them is able to run on 2GHz. And we don’t recommend going that high, because that’s when instability comes in.

We bet by now you’re wondering how the device performs on benchmarks. The nice guys over at AndroidCommunity were kind enough to benchmark their Nexus 7 running on clemsyn’s 2GHz kernel. And the results are: AMAZING! It managed to score 8000 on Quadrant, which makes it the new winner. See for yourself:

The 2GHz kernel is marked as private, thus not available for everyone, as it’s not stable enough. But, clemsyn has another kernels available to anyone in his thread on XDA Developers. If you feel enthusiastic, you should check them out by hitting the source link down below.

Source via AndroidCommunity