LG teases that Optimus G will have 768p gapless display & a long-lifespan battery


We’ve earlier covered the recently leaked LG Optimus G but it appears that LG is now giving off a few details about its upcoming device, the Korean electronics giant has announced via a press release that the handset will feature a 1,280 x 768 screen called the G2 Touch ‘Hybrid Display’, the latter is 30% thinner than previous implementations thanks to the gapless panel that puts the LCD right near the glass. The technology further approaches LG’s concept of in-cell touch panels butĀ  it’s uncertain if the LD Optimus G would ship with that new technology.

LG also mentioned that they’re working on an improvedĀ  battery can go through 800 full recharge cycles before wearing out. That’s a whopping 60% more than we’ve seen in the past, enough to power the beastly Snapdragon S4 processor.

via Engadget