Samsung Galaxy Stellar to Arrive at Verizon, Will Cost $99 On-Contract


A new Samsung Galaxy smartphone is headed to Verizon Wireless. It’s the Samsung Galaxy Stellar, a 4G LTE Android device. It belongs in the mid-to-low-end group, as the price clearly tells us that – it will come for as low as $99 on contract.

We don’t know anything about the internals of the device, besides that it sports 4G LTE connectivity, nor anything about what Android version it runs. It’s safe to bet it will have at least Android 4.0 at launch.

What’s unusual about this device is that it has the Amazon Apps store instead of Google’s Play Store pre-installed. We wonder why Samsung opted for that. Another interesting thing is that it has a Starter mode. We think that mode enables an easier user-interface, and like the above photo says, on-device help. That will be suitable to Android newcomers.

We are looking forward to see this phone hitting the shelves. It won’t be long until the ‘Big Red‘ has it in stock.